“You okay?” , he asked her, cupping her face and brushing his fingers on her cheeks.
“Yes”, she whispered slowly nodding her head.
He scanned her eyes for the  truth, but could only find the build up walls. He nodded slightly letting go of his hands from her cheeks ever-so-slightly.
As soon as he removed his hands, she turned around and ran, promising herself to not see his face again. How dare he cheated on her and then had the guts to lie on her face.
She knew, he was sorry but it would have been better if he would have told the truth or even better not doing any of this.
Keeping the promise was tough and living in the same apartment till the documents were made was not helping her in this case.
That day, she thought of taking a step which she never had the guts to do. She decided, that night she would let her soul free, not knowing the surprise her husband was planning.
He walked in the apartment, ready to take her wife out and spoil her but the scene in front of him stopped him in his tracks, he couldn’t breathe, all he saw was black and red.
His beloved hanging from the ceiling fan swinging slightly like she used to swing in the parks. Her eyes were popped out and it looked as if they were staring down on his soul. Her skin had gone pale but still she looked as beautiful as ever.
But the thing that caught his eyes the most was her bloody arm and the words carved on it – I LOVE(D) YOU.


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