Crying Heart

Tears are not the sign of weakness but it means that the person has stayed strong for a long time. But if we ask one what is better or worse, crying eyes or crying hearts?
Anyone can shed tears from their eyes but the one who shed tears from their heart are those who are the strongest among us. The tears shed from hearts can never be a lie.
A crying heart does not mean that the person has some heart disease or is weak but it means that the person is empathetic. Being empathetic is way better than being sympathetic.
Being sympathetic means being sorry for one without realizing the pain that the other must have gone through whereas being empathetic means feeling yourself in the shoes of the person.
Once there was a girl with a petite frame but had a strong exterior. She never used to let remarks from others get to her but then it doesn’t mean that they never did reach her.
Even though from outside, she used to show that she doesn’t care about whatever they say, from inside, she was breaking with every negative remark. That girl never used to cry or even shed a single tear but her heart couldn’t stop crying ever.
Even the strongest looking people are not that strong. The bully used to go home everyday and curse himself and feel guilty for bullying the weak but couldn’t stop it for his reputation. He was strong from outside but from inside, his heart was crying.isd1cmpypjwwjvpezy-p2_fhky3kikrnma9bof797hlgr4xdaqyfwr-tvejf3_linuoaihumme3q-xeuncrjwaqxkjqwxfikqm60duxbvca-ocvot1lio6d-pziw200-h200-nc.gif.gif


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