Imaginary Conflict

A new born child is the epitome of innocence, they don’t know what they are getting into, a world full of lies and illusions. As the child grows, he/she starts losing its innocence to the illusions of the world.
A family plays an important role in upbringing of a child. Sometimes the family politics ruin not only the child’s innocence but their happiness also.
The imaginary conflict between the relatives result into no communication between cousins. A child loses the experience of having fun at get-togethers and with cousins.
Don’t let your child miss on the experience that you got with your family when you were young. For once, ignore all the differences, ignore this imaginary conflict and be normal towards each other.
Maybe, just maybe, while doing this that conflict solves out, who knows and there is no sin in trying out.
The 5 year old kid never knew how it is to play with a sibling as he was an only child but then he didn’t even have cousins. How is it possible? His parents didn’t see eye to eye with their brothers and siblings and so the child was also left alone to play.


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