Positive Vibes

Positivity is something that is positive. Now is it ? How do you like to define positivity? Is positivity just an illusion of the mind or it truly exists ?


Maybe it’s just an illusion and nothing else but when one think positive, there is a weird good feeling that runs through the body.
Even though there are many people who believe that there is no such thing as positive vibes or negative vibes but there are still many who do believe and one cannot deny that they don’t feel these vibes.
Many people like to call these vibes as intuitions and many don’t even name them, they just like to call it a type of feeling.
When one passes through a dark alley at night, then they can’t help but feel threatening or dangerous. The feeling of shiver or shuddering due to that dark alley where maybe a thief or a murderer or a rapist or maybe no one would be there, but this feeling that you get can be called negative vibes as you are getting negative feeling from there.
Same way, when one is in a happy mood, they can’t help but feel happiness run through each and every vein of their body. When one knows that something good is going to happen or have that feeling, this feeling can be called positive vibes.
Psychologists have established this that these vibes or thinking positive or negative do effect your body. Thinking positive have a positive effect on your body whereas thinking negative has a negative effect.
When you think positive, you get this positivity in your body that helps in the flow of the blood in your body and also relaxes your brain and makes you stress free and happy.
Whereas, if you think negative, your body goes in negative mode, i.e., your mood becomes gloomy and your brain goes into a frenzy mode because of all the tension of thinking that something is going to go wrong. This has a negative effect on your body as the blood is rushing in your body because of nervousness and tension.
When a person thinks positive or negative, their body creates vibes either positive or negative, depending on what you are thinking.
The most stressfree way of living is to think positive. Even if life is not fair, don’t stop thinking positive as when you think positive, positive happens.images.pngimages-37.jpeg


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