Once A Dreamer, Always A Dreamer


Dreams, you never stop

Good or bad;

When I sleep, you come

When I am awake,

You still come;

Dreamer is what I

Am Called, as I

Love to dream.

Flying across the sea,

Touching the horizons;

Fighting the devils,

Saving the people.

I never want to stop

And come back to

Reality. “Dreams are

Better than reality”, they said.

In my imagination,

People are kind and

Innocent; living together

Unlike the real world

Where patience is

Just a myth

Where bloodshed is

More important

Than blood.

I would like to live

On my dreamy island

And be called a

Dreamer, than live

In the reality

And be realistic.

I was never born

For a real world,

My life are my dreams.

But as time passes,

As a child grows,

From childhood to

Adulthood, they said

‘stop dreaming, be

Realistic ‘. But, how?

How can a dreamer

Stop dreaming ?

Like, a river never

Stops flowing;

Sun never stops

Shining; flowers

Never stop blossoming;

Same way, a dreamer stop

Dreaming!! Never!!

Once a dreamer,

Always a dreamer.



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