What are Dreams ??

What are dreams ? Dreams are a part of our memory that our brain decides to show us when we are sleeping.

Sigmund Freud once called dreams the “royal road to…the unconscious”.

Some people say dreams are not only a memory but it reflects us what we were thinking the whole day. It means that whatever we have thought during the day, comes together to form our dreams.

The studies say that we don’t only dream once per night, but multiple dreams. But our brain decides to remember one or two of those.

Many times, people don’t remember any dream they dreamt of that night, but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t dream at all. They had dreams but they just don’t remember them.

For many people, these dreams are useless and meaningless. According to them, these are only a part of our imagination and means nothing.

But, for some, these dreams act as an omen.

In India, there are many superstitions regarding some dreams. Some say that if you dream of getting hit by an ox in your dream or if you dream of missing your train and being left alone on the railway station or you see yourself in your dream, that means that your end is near. Same way, there are some dreams that if you dreamt of , are lucky for you.

According to psychology, these dreams are a path to finding yourself or solving the problems you have, they even give a signal or warning about the dangers coming.

Dreams often mean the opposite of what we think they mean.

Sometimes the dreams repeat themselves, it can be, mainly, because that you are missing the hidden meaning behind the dream or you are seeing it through your own wish-fulfillment needs and you will stuck in your own self-deception.

Nightmares gives us a sense of helplessness and oppressiveness. Nightmares are graphical depiction of our raw, primitive emotions such as aggressiveness and rage.

We experience more nightmares in childhood as that is the age when are emotions are developing and we have to deal with our raw, primitive emotions.

Modern science has a different approach to these dreams, whereas, psychoanalysis has a different approach.
What do you think about “Dreams” ?


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