And patience was lost…

” A 20 year old man killed a shopkeeper for not delivering the purchase on time “, the grandfather read the news aloud. ” Today’s generation doesn’t know the meaning of patience. they should learn from us elders, what patience is…we used to wait for days and weeks for a letter to come and….”, and the grandfather continued on his rant, not even seeing that no one was listening to him.

Everyone was busy doing their own thing to even give an ounce of attention to the old man saying “something”. Not only the people around were ignoring the words spoken but the grandfather was also oblivious to his surroundings to see the patience deteriorating.

“My kids are not like others, they know the meaning of patience. Me and my wife have taught them the values and we are very proud of them”, he tells his friend at the park one day.

Everyday some or the other news came in the newspaper about people giving in to waiting and opting for aggressive and mean ways. And everyday the old man used to rant about it and be proud of his kids not losing patience. The pride used to shine so bright that a person on the other side of the world could also see it.

But, one day, the pride was so in shame that that day he hid inside the cupboard  so that he doesn’t come face to face with his kids. The kids were so tired of waiting for him to pass on his property to them but he wouldn’t budge to give just yet.

As the kids were finding their old man to sign the papers with guns and swords, the old man remembered the news from previous week newspaper,’An old man shot dead for property’. And this was going to be one of the news of this weeks newspaper too.

The next few hours consisted of the grandfather signing the papers and not from his will but on the point of a gun. when he had threatened them to call the police and get them all in prison, he was shot in the head with no survival rate.

Unfortunately, the greed for property was more than the love for their father and the values taught to them….in all this happenings, one thing went missing, and that was patience…it was lost.



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