First Intuition is usually always right

You know when you get this feeling from inside about something but thinks that it is just you being paranoid, well, sometimes that feeling comes true and you realize that the intuition that you first had was true.

Intuition is your inner voice and for some, it’s the voice of your soul and for some, the voice of your subconscious part of brain that knows what’s right.

There are infinite number of voices around you, always telling you to do this or do that or judging you. But, the one voice that will never judge you is the voice inside of you. Listen to it, when you want to make a decision as it will not tell you wrong.

When in a situation, the first intuition that comes to you is usually right. It will not misguide you or anything. Instead in my opinion , intuition is the best way to solve any problem.

Just listen inside you, what you want.





2 thoughts on “First Intuition is usually always right

  1. Good Morning Ms. S.Puri,

    It’s amazing reading your thoughts and articles..keep Going…

    “Aim for Stars and Shoot To sky”

    From Jabra Fan
    JI- JU


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