cloud-power_20160710_054545.jpg.jpegAfter every sunset,

Comes Dawn,

And after every Dawn;


As the first ray of

Sunshine, comes to Earth

Through the dark sky;

Like a match being struck.

From one ray to two,

And from two to three,

Soon the sky is filled with

A pellet of colors;

Red, white, orange, yellow

On black and blue;

Like a painted canvas

Of an abstract art.

The white as cotton clouds,

Filling the sky,

Hides the sun from

Eyes to see;

Slowly as the sun

Peek-a-boo From

Behind the clouds,

And get caught by the

Onlookers; Comes out slowly

Like a child coming out

Of hiding for scolding.

As the sun comes out,

The remains of the dark night

Leave the sky,

Such as a night guard

Leaving as a day guard comes.

The sun rises above,

Slowly and slowly,

Peeking through every cloud

And tree; waking every

Animal and tree.

The sun is above,

Completing the sunrise,

Sending it’s each and every

Ray of sunshine,

Through the windows ,

Telling to wake-up.




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