And she couldn’t recognize herself anymore…

The wedding bells, fragrance of her favorite red roses, the sweets being cooked were way too overwhelming for her, these things also couldn’t make her get ready for her own wedding.

Getting ready, not in wearing the wedding dress, doing makeup and all but being ready from mind and heart that you will be living with a stranger in his house and his family and will share his room and have to follow his family rules.

Her father has fixed this wedding as soon as the groom’s family has approached him for his daughters hand. Being an arrange marriage, the groom and bride were not even given time to know each other but the wedding date was fixed one week from the very same day.

She even tries telling her parents that she wanted to meet the groom once, but was only given the response that she will be living with him only after wedding, so what’s the rush of meeting him?

Nobody knew how she felt about being married to a stranger but only her dark circles could tell how many restless nights she had spent thinking about her marriage, only her tired eyes could tell how much she didn’t wanted to marry, only her forced smile could tell how sad she was.

This was the scene of the bride whereas the groom was overexcited to get married and spent his time with his wife whom he doesn’t even know. He was happy to have someone share his room. He had heard enough about after marriage life to get excited to get married.

When all the attempts of the bride were wasted, she accepted the fact that she is going to get married but she had thought to talk to her soon-to-be husband to get to know each other first like their likes and dislikes.

As it was seen, the wedding was inevitable and so on their first night, she gathered all her courage to tell him about her thought.

“Umm….we-e-e don’t…umm…know each-h other, I know it’s our…umm…first night, but can we get to know….each other first… umm…before being like a married couple?” Somehow she had said these words, but the response was not was she expecting.

“Yes okay” , was his only response. She was expecting for some fight or argument or anything but nevertheless she was happy for being understood.

After they talked about themselves, they decided to call it a night. The only thing was she didn’t expected the next thing to happen.

While sleeping, she felt some weight on her and found her eyes come face to face with her husband’s face, who had his hand on her mouth from stopping to make any noise while he forced himself on her.

That night as the husband slept, the wife cried the silent tears. She felt dirty and scared and hopeless and useless. She knew no matter how hard she will scrub her skin with soap, it will not stop her from feeling dirty.

The man sleeping beside her had not only stolen her virginity but also a part of her self respect and self esteem. She felt numb, like she is lost.

The next day, looking in the mirror, she couldn’t recognize herself anymore, the girl with self confidence was now just a body with shattered pieces of her respect and confidence.


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