Today’s Love

“Everything’s fair in Love and War.”

Well, people have clearly memorised this quote and worship it. You ask me why? Why, because now-a-days when someone gets rejected, they take that to extreme levels such as cutting their nerves or throwing acid on the girl they asked or becoming a murderer or stalker or rapist, etc.

Love is not boyfriend / girlfriend or getting physically involved but love is a feeling that can’t be expressed. Love is caring, sharing, patience, and so much more.

Boyfriend / Girlfriend is only a title and I think it shows possessiveness. No offence to all the people who are dating.

People say that they fell in love at the first sight, I think it’s not possible. Even psychology says that a person can fall in love with someone after a minimum of 3 months of crush and no longer. Now, we don’t know how much it’s true or not.

Today’s love is on social media sites. Lovers uniting on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and all. Well, how sweet it is not!

Nowadays people don’t think from their heart in the matter of love but from their minds. If we take it scientifically, then heart is just an organ to pump blood in our body and all the thinking and emotions are from the brain. ( Anyone seen Inside Out? How the emotions control the body?)


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