“HAPPY” life turned into “APP” life

There’s a wall that everyone carries around with them; the internet wall. Nowadays, people instead of asking someone about them, they search about them on internet, even when they know that internet is usually hoax.

Sometimes between history and mystery, mystery is good. Because of the internet, people have stopped trusting people more. One should let someone tell them about themselves rather than internet telling them.

Everything on internet is whether a lie or half truth. People have started using social media apps as a source for sharing their emotions and feelings. The most famous “Fb” or Facebook have seen the most. People posting their day to day activity , their feelings and all. I think it’s just a way to help stalkers stalk you.

Many friendships have been seen made on social media apps, and not only friendships but relationship and marriages too. “The Fb Marriage”does have a unique ring to it after all. But is it safe ? Maybe or maybe not. No one knows.

What we once used to have “Happy” life, is now overtaken by “Apps”.


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