Open My Wings And FLY !!

If I die , what would I want to be in my next life ? Or if I get a wish to be someone, whom do I want to be ?…..

I don’t want to be famous or rich or an artist or a lawyer or any one…but I want to be a bird. Yes, I want to be bird.

I would like to be a bird and travel all around the world. Just have to open my wings and fly. Fly, to anywhere and nowhere.

Open your wings and fly,

What are you waiting for?

The time will go,

And never come back,

So let it all go,

Don’t wait for it.

But why a bird ? You may ask…why not a fish ? And swim in the clear mysterious H2O.

Let’s imagine, the mysterious blue reflecting, clear water can be represented by your dreams, your imaginations and the land is the reality.

No matter how much you swim or wherever you go in the water…you will come in contact with land, not always but sometimes yes.

If you fly, you can just fly, and rest on a branch and not land. You never have to come back to reality. It’s stupid and dumb but dreams are not to let go.

I dreamt everyday,

Of catching my dreams,

But they only flew away.

Ready to give up,

I lost who I was.

I dreamt that day,

Of me, of me with broken wings,

Chained on the top of the mountain.

And, I woke up,

I woke up on the mountain.

The key lying beside me,

My wings, yet broken,

Yet ready to fly.

Trembling hands,

Holding the key,

I freed myself, I freed

Of all the chains, and

All the bounds.

I opened my wings.

I fly, fly to the neverending horizons.

Catching my dreams, I fly.


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