An Unknown Story

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer. Some are written in the books, and some are confined to hearts.”

– Savi Sharma
Look around you, what do you see ? Do you see people ? These people, all of them, have a story to tell, their unknown story.

That girl, over there, do you see her ? Yes, that one. Her smile so beautiful and her aura so bright and charming, you shower with positivity beside her. Do you know the story behind her smile ? Everyday she cry herself to sleep. Everyday she is so close to giving up, but she wakes up next day in hope for everything to be okay. She smiles seeing other people smile. She smiles to make others day better.

That boy you see over there, around 19 years old, working without breaking a sweat. Yes, he works all day just to feed his little sister, so she won’t go to bed empty stomach. He works all day so he could give his baby sister the education he couldn’t get.

Everyone has a story, some were beaten and became strong, while some broke. Some got to their goals, some made their life a goal. Some gained, some lost.

Listen carefully, the aura, the silence would tell you the unknown, unheard story of a person. Sometimes it’s good to keep the unknown stories to themselves, but sometimes make your untold story told.


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