I Am ME !

They say I am a nobody, But I have a name, It's short and simple, Still they call me names. I am not short, but they call me shorty. I am not thin, but they call me skinny. I am not fat, but they call me fatty. Who will tell them, Am not any of … Continue reading I Am ME !


One of my Dreams

Laying my head on pillow, Pulling the blanket on me, My eyes grew heavy, O' sweet sleep please come to me. My eyelids fall, My breathing even, And soon, I was floating in sweet slumber. My mind projected a movie, A movie of dream, And guess what ? I got the front row. As the … Continue reading One of my Dreams

A Song

Standing in front you, Looking in your eyes, I don't want to be anywhere else, My home is where you are. Never realised this before, But you are everything I need, Not even chocolates tempt me anymore. As your fingers strung the chord, Music notes created through strings, Your soft humming sending electric waves through … Continue reading A Song


To Travel

The trees passing by, The birds flying across, Staring in awe, From the glass of the window. She catches different shapes, In the clouds scattered. The mountain, the valley, The village, the town, The sky, the sea, She wanted to travel, Every nook and corner. The tourist places didn't amaze her, The unknown, unheard, untold, … Continue reading To Travel