To Travel

The trees passing by,

The birds flying across,

Staring in awe,

From the glass of the window.

She catches different shapes,

In the clouds scattered.

The mountain, the valley,

The village, the town,

The sky, the sea,

She wanted to travel,

Every nook and corner.

The tourist places didn’t amaze her,

The unknown, unheard, untold,

Stories of the random house

Attracted her.

To travel was her life.

To travel was to blend in.

To travel was to take those roads untaken.

To travel was what she loved.

But she couldn’t dedicate her life ,

So she promised.

She promised herself, she would

Hear the untold stories,

The stories of travel, from those unheard.

As to travel was what she wanted.

To know each road,

To know each face,

To know every detail,

Was To Travel to her.


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