A Song

Standing in front you,

Looking in your eyes,

I don’t want to be anywhere else,

My home is where you are.
Never realised this before,

But you are everything I need,

Not even chocolates tempt me anymore.
As your fingers strung the chord,

Music notes created through strings,

Your soft humming sending electric waves through my body,

I found a certain calmness, that

Erupted jungle fire in tummy.
Never thought, somebody like you,

Would write, for somebody like me.

The lyrics so aptly fitted,

Like you and me.
The song you hummed,

Was the song you wrote,

It was that song that

Was ours.

It will always be our always.
Right here, right now,

Looking in your eyes,

Everything came back what we lost,

The song fitted us together,

Like a puzzle,

Waiting to be solved.


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