One of my Dreams

Laying my head on pillow,

Pulling the blanket on me,

My eyes grew heavy,

O’ sweet sleep please come to me.

My eyelids fall,

My breathing even,

And soon, I was floating in sweet slumber.

My mind projected a movie,

A movie of dream,

And guess what ?

I got the front row.

As the movie began,

I craved popcorn, coke would also work.

Blue shoes on the screen,

I recognize them, they are mine.

They have legs attached too,

Is it me ? Oh my, it’s me!

I am running, run and run

And then bounded by chains.

I was thrown, I was picked,

I crawled, I walked.

Was somebody following me ?

Is it a hill? Oh my, am standing on a hill!

I jumped, I fly 

I was bounded by chains again.

I was crying,

I saw the tears fell on my hands.

It rained, heavy and heavy.

Till I was showering in my shower.

A bird took my attention,

It was singing, is it singing fireworks?

I climbed the sill,

I wanted to hear it,

But I started falling !! Help !!

Oh my, am falling !!

Was it a bed that flew?

A hat was tipped,

A tail appeared.

I was shook, again and again.

Somebody was calling my name,

I was fading,

And, I disappeared.

My eyelids flew open,

My brother laughing.

Why was I drenched?

Oh my, was it a dream?


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