The Hot Cup of Coffee

35 years later,

Sitting on this chair,

I remember that day,

When fate decided us to meet.

It was late at night,

I was dreading going home,

You came in like a drunkard,

But swept my feet like a prince.

I was crying, holding a cup of coffee,

Supposed to be hot but got cold.

The bell rung as you entered,

Stumbling all the way to the counter,

And my heart.

You smirked when you saw me,

But had concern in your eyes,

When you saw the tears.

The cliché moment came alive,

The bad boy meets the nerd.

Now, 35 years after, sitting in this chair,

I remember how you bought me a cup of coffee,

With a bagel.

You were there, all ears,

Listening to my sobs, my cries,

My ramblings, my screams.

We missed the formality of friendship,

We started with love.

35 years later, sitting in this chair,

In this cafe, I realized,

It was all fate.

My eyes founding yours,

Blue meeting brown,

I saw you sitting down opposite me,

With two coffees and two bagel.

Our hands met on the table,

The wedding bands reflecting,

35 years earlier, I fell in love,

Sitting in this chair,

Holding a cup of coffee.


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