Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time was a reality,

It happened so suddenly,

With cake and tea,

Granny told us lovingly.

It was long time ago,

She was six years old.
Fairies and princesses,

Ponies and barbies,

When unicorns existed,

She was tucked to bed.

A fairytale read, and

A fairytale created.

Everyday she believed,

Everyday she waited,

Her happily ever after,

Didn’t come soon after.

Faith vanishing,

Car accident meeting.

Teenage years came,

Bringing all the fame,

But scars never leaving,

Makeup deceiving.

Afraid to show, she was

The mark of survival.

He came alone,

Took her breath away,

Heart of stone,

A total cliché.

A bouquet brought,

Dinner bought.
4 years long,

The ‘us’ gone,

The scars were shown on full display,

The memories in the mind replay.

She stood up,

Brushed up.
Started a new life,

A cafe was opened,

Where she met Ted,

Nothing cliché.

She was strong,

Nothing to hide from.
“Girls”, she said,

Get it in your head,

You are pretty,

Nothing to worry.

Prince charming is a myth,

be a wordsmith.
Happily ever after is for fairytale,

Don’t be pale,

You will get your happy,

When you are happy.


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