A Love story

“Nooooo….”, I whined as my younger brother was jumping on my bed trying to wake me up.

Hell, I am not a morning person, so I do what a “non-morning person” would do, I pull the blanket.

“Arghhhhh…..owww”, came the voice from somewhere from the floor. I yawned, turned around, got comfortable and drifted off to sweet bliss.

My love is sleep and no one can take me away from my love, well, except my other love, food. I am a foodie but not fatsy. Thankfully, I am blessed with good metabolism, otherwise I would be weighing more than 1000 pounds.

The smell of bacon lures me out of sleep and I decide it’s time to spend some time with my other lover. If it was up to me, I would have gotten married to them instead I am to go for an arranged marriage,just to merge the companies.

Still sniffing, I realized my true love is waiting for me downstairs. I quickly did the evening routine and skipped to the kitchen.

My lovely lovely mother was cooking, I could die for her cooked food. Seeing me, she smiled and made me a huge plate, excuse you, it’s just for me.

Everyone has a story. Does everyone also have a lovestory? I know , I have. My lovestory will be published and read by millions. My lovestory, me and my love (sleep and food). I am still to find someone to take my heart.

My lovestory is special and my love is very loyal, well theirs ( sleep and food, my loves) is too. No worry of someone’s cheating or someone shouting, yelling….at you. Well, in short it’s different.

A light slap on my cheek woke me up from my thoughts. My eyes glaring at everyone, found the culprit trying to control the laugh. My eyes widen when I saw one less bacon in my plate. He stole it. He just didn’t do it.

Seeing red, I jumped on him. No one takes my food. No one means no one. The culprit, my so called future husband was just glaring back at me. Well, deal with it. Food is love and so is sleep.

My love story is not fake. It’s more real than a real diamond.


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