My name is Alex Ryder and I am seven years old. My parents died when I was five years old. I am an orphan. I have no friends, students at my school laugh at me. Am I that bad ? _____________________________ I am now thirteen years old and I can say that I have grown … Continue reading Orphan


Past Memories

I was not able to breath, my vision was going blurry, I couldn't hold myself. My eyes were stinging, I could feel my cheeks wet. Everything was moving, moving way too fast. There is light, I tried getting up, and everything went black. My eyes fluttered, they were heavy, light was shining. My blue eyes … Continue reading Past Memories

The House Ghost

The chains were being rattled, I could hear it. The footsteps were echoing, I could hear them. The grunting and cries kept becoming louder and louder... -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- February 14, 1883. Me and my hubby has shifted to this huge farmhouse on the outskirts of town. It is beautiful and just amazing, but a little eerie … Continue reading The House Ghost


Happily Ever After ?

The fairytales that I read, were they wrong ? I don't want to believe it but do I have a choice ? I had a choice, my choice which no one listened to. I had a fairytale life. I was the princess, my parents princess. Now? Now, I am going to be a queen, a … Continue reading Happily Ever After ?



A hand grabbed my right hand and squeezed it softly, while leaving our joined hands in the center console of the car. A small smile passed his face making me reciprocate it. It was silence, not the deafening one but the comfortable one which could lead your brain to wander around all the thoughts you … Continue reading The NIGHTMARE