A hand grabbed my right hand and squeezed it softly, while leaving our joined hands in the center console of the car. A small smile passed his face making me reciprocate it.

It was silence, not the deafening one but the comfortable one which could lead your brain to wander around all the thoughts you have been avoiding.

The sudden music from the loud radio made me gasp back into reality and making the assailant laugh loudly.

“Ha ha ha”, I dry laughed sarcastically but my embarrassed cheeks had said it all. The mischievous glint in his eyes soften and a small smile appeared in place of his infamous smirk before he opened his mouth to say, “you know worrying about it won’t make it go away”.

“I know”, a small whimper came from me. I knew it too well. But I couldn’t help and think about it. We have been trying and trying but failing everytime.

I looked up to give him a small smile to not worry about me as he also turned to smile at me. His free hand rubbing my tummy, a small giggle left my lips.

Before we knew anything, bright lights came rushing towards us. The sound of screeching tires made my eyes go wide. Before we knew anything, the huge truck had crashed into the driver side of our car. Not stopping there, our car toppled and turned like a top before we were upside down, the seatbelt holding us.

There were screams and a lot of them, I screaming out to him, out of pain, out for me. The glass had shattered and a mini earthquake made our car shake. I couldn’t see, everything was black.

The smoke was chocking me. I reached out to him to only hold the smoke. After a lot of effort, I opened my eyes searching in the black fiery smoke for him to only find a silhouette and then the streetlight reflected on him making each and every scar of his visible.

The gasp and the scream mixed couldn’t even describe the sudden downfall of my heartbeat. His door was crushed badly and not only the door but his legs too. I couldn’t make out where the flesh started or ended.There was a pool, not a pool but a lake of blood. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down. The sharp pain reminded me that glass pieces had peirced inside my flesh, everywhere.

Somehow, grabbing one of the large pieces of glass, in the process dislocating my shoulder, I managed to cut my seatbelt. The force from which I fell down from my seat was enough the break my skull. I could feel the blood seeping from my head in the lake of blood.

Another mini earthquake and the rumbling of engine made some of my senses to come back. The smell of metal burning was enough to know that the car was going to explode. My screams for help was deafening but they fell on deaf ears.

Breaking the window, crawling in glass pieces, I ran towards the driver side as fast as I could, still slower than a snail in reality. Trying to open the door, the burning metal melted my flesh. I screamed again, I pounded on the window, the door.

The people with no faces was watching but no one stepped forward. I begged them to help but they stepped back.

Pounding on the window, I saw his head turn towards me. I gasped. His flesh was melting. He was saying something. I couldn’t make out. His hand reached towards me but the glass didn’t let him reach me. I was sobbing.

He whispered again, this time I understood. He was saying to run, to save myself but I can’t leave him. No, I wouldn’t leave him.

I tried to open the door again, somehow doing it. I cut his seatbelt with one of the glasses lying around, grasping him to not let him fall hard. Managing to let him out, I had used all my energy. I willed myself to move him and me a little more farther before the car explodes.

We were lucky to escape the car but I guess not that much as the car exploded soon after. Wrapping us in its arms, the fire warmed us inside out like laying in mother’s arm do but this was fiery and angry unlike the calmness of mother.

I just hold him to me, afraid to let loose. The fire ended but we were long gone, gone from the ignorance of people, gone to a heavenly chaos.

Then why am I chocking? My cheeks are wet. I was screaming. I was thrashing.

A forceful shake made my eyes open to realise that it was just a nightmare. A pair of strong arms pulled me to a hard chest in a tight hug as I sobbed in his t-shirt.

Repeating to myself again and again that it was only a nightmare, somewhere calmed me, only for me to realise that it was going to happen tonight!


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