The House Ghost

The chains were being rattled, I could hear it. The footsteps were echoing, I could hear them. The grunting and cries kept becoming louder and louder…


February 14, 1883.

Me and my hubby has shifted to this huge farmhouse on the outskirts of town. It is beautiful and just amazing, but a little eerie if said so. It was super sweet of him to give me this surprise on Valentine’s day, at the same time, the spooky vibes from the house is making me feel like to turn around and run as far away as I can.


March 14, 1883

It’s been one month in this new house and two weeks since he had to go into town to look after his mother. It’s been two weeks of torture in this house. Two weeks since he has contacted me. Two weeks since these noises are increasing day by day. Every night the clock strikes twelve and all the picture frames fall down. The clock strikes four o’clock and the hands of the clock freeze.

The sudden decrease in the temperature, and the crows cawing all night is not normal. No! It’s not. Where are you? I need you. Why did you left me all alone in this house?


June 14, 1883

I am crying. I can’t stop. It’s been five months and he hasn’t contacted me even once. I even tried getting out of this house to him but as soon as I step out, I am being strangled. I have stuck here for these past five months. I want to go out.

I don’t know from where the food is coming. I don’t know anymore what’s happening and why it’s happening.


June 19, 1883

I saw him. He was staring at me. Long white beard, long white wild hair, red eyes, chains hanging from his hands and chains dragging behind him. Who is he ? He was covered in blood. Blood, red blood, it was oozing out of everywhere and going everywhere. But there was not even one stain anywhere. He was staring, he even came forward towards me. He was so close and then he vanished. What is he ? What does he want ? I can still feel his presence. He is still here. The chains are rattling, and the smell of blood is everywhere. I can feel the hot breath coming from his mouth, behind me. I am not turning. Please someone help me. I am scared.


Daily times

June 21, 1883

Women found dead after her husband died in car accident five months ago.

A body of a women was found in a pool of blood whereas there were no wounds on her body. The doctors say that she died of excessive bleeding and the blood found on the scene is hers only. But as there are no wounds on her body, it is still a mystery as how she bled to death.

Five months ago, her husband had died in a car accident and the same had happened. Death by excessive bleeding but no wounds found.



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