‘cos he is a boy !

“but why not?” She asked.

“Because you are a girl and you are not supposed to be out late”, was her parents only answer.


This is something that every girl has heard, she is not allowed to do something just because she is a girl.

Patriarchy has ruled the world for such a long time that now changing people’s mindset has become very difficult.


” C’mon wake up”, her mother was shaking her to wake up. “It’s 6.30 in the morning. Get up”.

” But mom I was studying at night till 3″, she said while snuggling in her comforter.

“Not my problem. You are girl and you are expected to wake up early”, was the reply she got.


“But why do I have to learn cooking. Boys can also learn cooking”, she argued with her parents.

“You are a girl and he is a boy. Boys can cook but girls are supposed to know how to cook. What will you do after marriage”, her mother said.

“I would tell your brother to accompany you in the cooking classes but he is a boy and his time would be wasted”, was her father’s reply.


After all everything comes back to your gender. How should you behave, what type of clothes you should wear, what career you should choose, everything comes back to gender.

‘Cos she is a girl and he is a boy.


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