Unsung Hero

“Stop!” He shouted.

“I can’t.” She replied crying.

“Please. Stop for everyone who loves you and cares for you. Stop for me.” He pleaded.

Neither of them talked about it again. That day he had saved her, he was her hero, her guardian angel. Only she knew it, but her parents still detested him. He was the unsung hero who saved not only her but a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a human being.

_______ . ______

A school lunch box was thrown on the ground. The sound echoed in the hallway, but no one came forward to help. A 10 year old was slammed in the lockers, made fun of, laughed at. Everyone watched ,but no one stopped them.

“You know bullying is illegal?” A soft voice called out from the crowd.

“Who is it?” The bully questioned.

Nothing could have prepared him for the shock, when a 7 year old girl came forward saying again, ” Do you know bullying is illegal?”

He just laughed at her bravery to question him. They all ignored her and went back to tormenting the poor guy. What they didn’t know was what hurt them.

The kick to their ‘family jewels’ and a punch in the eye was all they got before teacher caught them. The little powerful girl had till then left the scene. Nobody knew her. She was the unsung hero for the bullied.

______ . ______

The master key was put in the lock. A little to right, a little to left and the click of the lock was heard. The robbers were dressed in black, and came in the black of the night to blacken the house.

Who knew the robbers were so afraid of the dogs. As their footsteps sounded in the empty house, waking the ghosts up, the pug’s ears stood up with the sound. His eyes closed but his ears following the sound, his feet trailing after them.

Before they could stuff even one item, the barks could be heard. It’s a miracle how not even one neighbor woke up from the noise. The robbers foot stumbled on the stairs, limping outside, they ran.

The house was saved from the robbery , the dog was the hero, unsung.

________ . ______

There is a hero in everyone. There is a hero at every corner of the lane. Nobody knows them, nobody acknowledges or praises them.

They are the unsung hero. Hero is not only he but can even be a she or even an animal, an object, anything. Don’t underestimate anything. A needle maybe small but can draw blood.

Appreciate everyone around you, you never know who will save you in the bad time or who will you save.


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