On Fire (part 1- Love )

The way my legs feel jello, not from fear, but from something I don’t know. I always feel these tingles inside my stomach when his eyes are on me. The electricity that passes through my body is not fatal for my life but it makes me feel alive.

My heart, I doubt, is still alive. The way it beats so fast, I can assure it can win any marathon that it wants. My eyes stay glued to his like he is the only world, the only person in this entire universe.

I guess, ‘no’ , I know that when our eyes meet, he not only sees the brown in them but my whole life, my soul. His gaze always leaves me dizzy. They make the rest of the world blurr.

Those accidental brushes of our hands, sends shock through my whole body. The red blood cells in my body gets charged up like they are going to some space mission. 

His voice, that deep, rustic, smooth voice that can make anyone swoon. His voice is like a lullaby, a song that you put on repeat and listen for your whole lifetime straight. That silky voice lures you in like sirens song. It make the butterfly in my stomach to flap their wings, no, not only butterfly, but there is a whole zoo that goes wild.

There is no way to explain what happens to me, but I can only say that I go – 


His love, my love, this love makes my skin, my soul, my heart go on fire. They burn with the sensation of love.

Love is a fire that once flares, never saturates. It makes everything goes in flames of love.

The fire, not blue, but red. Red of not danger but love. The warmth in his arms makes me dive into this fire and be lost forever.

But, is fire, only love ?

( To be continued )


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