On Fire ( part 3 – Suffering )

But what will happen when finally the wind blows in the right direction ?




And the wind finally blew. It was like oil to the fire but then turned into water. As the fire estinguishes, the regret and guilt and sorrow, everything attacked us.

The burns that the fire left us was not third degree but they were the ugly scars on our soul. It was not love nor anger that was left inside us but it was suffering.

She was crying in her locked bedroom, trying to breath and calm herself. But her soul was trying to catch something to hold itself,  to save itself from falling.

He was outside in the living room, sitting between the glass pieces, blaming himself for hurting his soulmate. His soul was trying to free itself from this shell of monster.

From outside, the house looked so calm and peaceful, but from inside, the home was shattered.

Fire which was extinguished, was not of love or anger. It was taunting us while saying goodbye. It was laughing, an evil laugh. It was scary. Not to forget painful !

Pain ?



It was all that the fire had left. It was all what we could feel. It was all that we know now.

Are we a victim ? Or a survivor ?

But, oh !

The smothered fire has made us sufferers !


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