Co’M’ma (,)

*THUMP THUMP THUMP* The footsteps were going louder. My eyes were stinging with tears, but more from fear. I was sure, my heart would be bursting open anytime from the adrenaline rushing. * WHERE ARE YOU MY LITTLE PRINCESS ? * No sweet-talk would get me out of the hidding. Is he this dumb? I … Continue reading Co’M’ma (,)



She was insecure. It was not her name, but the facade hiding behind the mask what I am talking about. Always confident. Yes, she was! But try telling this to her weak heart which bursted open with tears of emotions everytime someone poked a joke on her. The two indents of dimple always working their … Continue reading Insecurity


Suffering, an adjective, a verb and a noun, But still, it is more than just a word, More than a feeling, it is compassion, Maybe, negative ! 'To suffer', it means, but from what, Is it pain or is it rationality ? Is it physical or it is just mental ? Maybe, we just love to … Continue reading Suffering.


False Promises

Sheltered as we are, In our mother's womb. Then, wrapped up in blankets, Holding our fingers, Small steps taken, We come face to face, With the false promises made. One step at a time, One promise at a time, Steps taken were more, Promises got left behind. 'We are always there for you', The typical … Continue reading False Promises



There are days, when I sleep like a baby but there are also days when I sleep like a zombie. Have you ever wondered how the stars at night look like ? Have you ever seen the moon waving goodbye and the sun yawning as it wakes up ? Have you ever heard the quiet … Continue reading Insomniac