There are days, when I sleep like a baby but there are also days when I sleep like a zombie. Have you ever wondered how the stars at night look like ? Have you ever seen the moon waving goodbye and the sun yawning as it wakes up ? Have you ever heard the quiet of a night with so much noise ?

As usual, I was up. Before you think of any other meaning of this statement other than what I mean, then, what I mean is my eyes are wide awake in this dark-noisy-pin drop silenced night, with not even a single ounce of sleep.

Oh wait ! sorry, I yawned.

A simple and sweet fact – you don’t only yawn when you are sleepy but also when your body lacks oxygen.

So, yeah, I yawned, but without any stars twinkling and moon singing me lullaby to sleep.  I sometimes think that I can hear the other world also, seeing how much noisy it is right now. The clock is ticking, people are snoring and dogs are barking and oh! there was a gunshot. Yeah! I hear these sounds too.

I am sorry, I didn’t even introduced myself. I am an Insomniac, and no, I am not mental. It is a sleeping disorder and not a mental illness. It is of various types and have various causes and also have cures. I have trouble sleeping because my pretty mind, yes, pretty and smart mind doesn’t know how to keep it’s thought hidden inside and they burst like crackers all night in my brain, making it impossible to sleep.

I don’t think it is that bad, except for the beautiful beastly dark circles and a punch of tiredness, nothing that a coffee can’t handle.

Thinking made me realize, how unappreciated are little things. How people just brush off some things are still way beyond my thinking. The only best part about it, is that I have learned how to read people. Well, human beings are mystery and they always will be but to a certain extent their behavior can be understood.

I guess, just how when one of our senses get disrupted, our other senses get powerful, maybe, this is how insomnia also works.

“She had her eyes open, searching something in the dark.

All she got was the figures of the unknown, the shadows of the known.

Some said hello, some said goodbye.

But she was never alone, she had someone to talk to. “

And yes, Insomnia discovered another beings living among us. I was never a fan of supernatural, but when you witness yourself, there is no way out. They were there, and they were harmless, till you are harmless.

Being an Insomniac has taught me a lot, like how to not look like a zombie, which I still fail to do, other than that, it made me realize about how insignificant we think things are. It made me really think about the significance of life.

I think, I will rest for a while now and let you think about it.



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