Manual to Being a Girl.

Don't worry, we are here to help you out in this patriarchal world. We will help you get through the men's world as a girl. DISCLAIMER:- This is a work of fiction; any names, places or characters having any resemblance is a coincidence. This blog is written for enjoyment purposes only. I am sorry, if … Continue reading Manual to Being a Girl.


Tears ?

One traitorous drop of salty water, slid down the smooth curves of cheek. Leaving a path to trail, another one follows the lead.   Drop by drop, a stream is made, melting the icy eyes.   Red takes over the white, as the sun starts drowning. A little streak of sunshine, rekindles the hopes.   … Continue reading Tears ?

Dear Me,

Dear me, I know it is hard, but I know you can make it out alive. I know it's heartbreaking, but your heart is the Strongest of all. I know you are trying not to cry, but it is okay to cry, just don't let anyone see the tears. There are many people out there, … Continue reading Dear Me,


‘In’- Dependent

She was working, She had her own home, She made her money, She was independent ? He showed her the freedom, Then, captured her wings, Still flying but chained at the ankle. The chain was long, As long as He wanted. She was thrown back on the ground, As she went beyond 'IN'-Dependent. He never … Continue reading ‘In’- Dependent