" Everything happens for a reason, if not, then relax because Fate knows what she is doing " ( Fate doing her magic in the story of snow white ) It was all fate, the destined to be, the apple I ate, was poisoned to be. The queen took the revenge, had a witch made … Continue reading Fate.


Are You Afraid Of The Dark ?

There is magic, but you have to be the magician. You have to make the magic happen. SIDNEY SHELDON, Are You Afraid of the Dark? ( Before I start with my blog, I would like to clarify. This is not a review of the novel and neither it is related to any character of the novel. It is an … Continue reading Are You Afraid Of The Dark ?

A Missing Part

A grueling pain spread in my body, like my heart ripping in two, like my limbs being torn apart, like my soul ripped from my body, like a crumpled piece of paper. "Breathe in and Breathe out repeat it ten times", came the voice of my shrink. But oxygen can't reduce the pain, the pain … Continue reading A Missing Part


Moving On

One phrase that is used the most and which is hated by everyone and none is "Move On". But what does it really mean ? Isn't it running from your present and straight into your future, when you are not ready mentally ? Is moving on the reality of life ? Life is a rollercoaster, … Continue reading Moving On


Am I Good Enough ?!

'Worthless', 'Burden', 'Weak', It was all that he heard, It was all that he knew. The smile was fake, The suffering was real. Ditched by his friends, Abandoned by his parents, He was the true survivor, But, still bullied. 'Am i not good enough?' It was all he thought. The devil was winning, But, Angel … Continue reading Am I Good Enough ?!



Hey guys, As you can see this is a “Real Neat Blog Award”! I have been nominated by Jessica, the writer of DaySixtyFive. She is incredible and a wonderful writer, do check out her blogs (I am sure you will love them). Rules: Put the award logo on your blog Thank the people who nominated you, … Continue reading REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD