” Everything happens for a reason, if not, then relax because Fate knows what she is doing “

( Fate doing her magic in the story of snow white )

It was all fate,

the destined to be,

the apple I ate,

was poisoned to be.

The queen took the revenge,

had a witch made the throe,

for her avenge,

to take the throne.

Doc took out the stethoscope,

Grumpy frowned,

Happy had an upside down smile,

on guard Sleepy,

bashed the Dopey,

Sneezy shook Bashful,

as they all look for the hopeful.

The prince charming on a white horse,

was meant to come,

was attacked by force,

while the guitar he strum.

He galloped through the wild,

to reach the predestined,

as the hair he styled,

for his love to endear.

In a deep slumber,

surrounded by seven,

was how he met her,

with wounds several.

The queen was ruling,

already been warned,

mirror on the wall growling,

already been thorned.

As the butterfly flied away,

the mirror broke,

several pieces turned into clay,

the Queen croaked.

Somewhere in the mist,

the figure with gown so golden,

flicked her wrist,

as she hee-hawed.

The Fate knows what she wants,

playing games with a mischievous smile,

she gets what she wants,

with a snicker, adieu.


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