Hello? Hi. How you doing? Oh, small talk! Yeah! Great. Great. Good! Happy? Ecstatic. Life? Perfect! I Miss you. Sure!  Talk? The Talk! Important. Say! Why? Funny. Sorry. A joke! No! Debatable. Sorry! Okay. Promise? None. See you! Later. Bye. Goodbye!


Laughing Gas

Every class has a clown, every group of friends have a joker, and I? I am the laughing gas. No, not literally but everybody calls me this. The title given to me is not out for ragging me, but I find it quite appropriate. Many people say I have contegious and very loud laugh. Also, … Continue reading Laughing Gas

Sweet Tooth

Those late night cravings, and the sudden appetite for something sweet, whether ice cream, chocolate or Indian sweets is directly proportional to the visits to the dentist. ( The whole other point is that those visits 'almost' never happen ). Keeping aside the proportionality, let's focus on "Sweet Tooth". What exactly is a sweet tooth … Continue reading Sweet Tooth