Sweet Tooth

Those late night cravings, and the sudden appetite for something sweet, whether ice cream, chocolate or Indian sweets is directly proportional to the visits to the dentist. ( The whole other point is that those visits ‘almost’ never happen ).

Keeping aside the proportionality, let’s focus on “Sweet Tooth”. What exactly is a sweet tooth or who is said to have a sweet tooth ?

A person who eats a lot of sweets is said to have a sweet tooth. It is not really a set of teeth which are called sweet tooth, but rather it is, somewhat, a term of endearment.

Personally, I cannot live without having at least 2 chocolates per day. When people need coffee to survive a day, I usually need a chocolate.

The best advantage of having a sweet tooth is that a dessert never goes to waste. But, the worst part is, you can never have spicy food without having steam coming out of your ears.

Many people don’t understand your urge to have something sweet in everything, and your poor ‘sugary’ coffee has to go through a lot of criticism.

And your secret stock of sweets eat up your whole savings for a refill a day. ( But in the end, it is worth it )

I love all types of sweets. It’s really difficult to choose my favorite one.

What sweet is your favorite ?!


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