Chaos:- A state of total confusion with no order. It was silent. It is silent. No voices can be heard, Only thoughts said aloud. One after the another. No greetings. No goodbyes. Only a mess, To be allowed. Right or Left? North or South? One step forward. One step backward. Still. Stale. Stop. Chaos.


The Ant and The Grasshopper

We are Homo Sapiens and not insects. If we want to learn something from this story, it should be to Work Hard And Not Waste Our Time By Doing Nothing, But Also Give Our Body The Much Needed Rest That It Requires. Finding A Balance In This Chaos Called Life Is The Strategy That We Should Go For.

Like A River

Calm and dangerous, Rough and soothing, The river flows effortlessly, Making its own path, From one end to a start. Not a smooth way, Obstructions come, Either overtake them, or Destroy them. There will be a time, When the frustration gets the Better you, You will be splashing everyway, Don't forget, If there is calm … Continue reading Like A River

The Chapter End

Life is a novel. Your novel, to be specific. Have some faith on the author for they know what is good for the character. They have a plan. Have some hope beacuse this is not the end. Keep Reading.