Emotionally Unattached (Letter 6)

Dear Lust, Stop impersonating Love! You are a sin hiding behind the truth. You are the yang to the yin of love. You are the devil dressed up as an angel. You are the temporary feeling to the permanent love, You are a wave of heat on the full moon!


Emotionally Unattached (Letter 5)

Dear Happiness, You are a lie and a truth, You are the sunshine and the moon, You are the tiny stars, Scattered all around us. You are the way to the treasure, in the treasure hunt. You are the hug in the tears, And the coffee in the morning. You are the melted chocolate on … Continue reading Emotionally Unattached (Letter 5)

Never Ending…

It was a normal night. I would like to emphasis on the word 'was'. We all have heard about the monster under our beds, have felt the chilling sensation of someones hand grabbing our feet. But this, this was all together different, for this was not a monster.

My Light

Everything you say, and everything you do, looks like, your aim is - only to hurt me. The pain behind my smile, the lies in my words - I'm fine, just lost in thought You ignore them, like a  professional - in the field of - "Wrong number honey, Don't call back". Selfish is the word you called me, it is the name that you gave me, a tag that was tagged on me, for I refused to get back together with the dark-side. There is no LOVE, a lot of stories, kept hidden. I was living in the dark and the dark was within me, but I got addicted to the light. Alone, maybe, but not lonely finding myself was MY LIGHT.