The Rambling Mind

One, two, three, four - What if - the flowers are the trap? They smell good to attract you - then, drug you to -think of the present and the future; They make you dream? What if - the nightingale sings songs of death and goodbye? Celebrating your demise. What if the dreams we dream … Continue reading The Rambling Mind


Fairy Wilderness

The trees standing tall, Intimidating the shadows of the dark. Hidden in the tree trunks, The home of the Goblins. Knock on the bark door thrice, Knock - tap - pause - tap tap knock. Their pointed hats and the gnome nose, Their tiny hands guiding you through the fairy wilderness. That is the pixie … Continue reading Fairy Wilderness

New Year Resolution ’19

The clock ticked away, from 11.59 pm to 00.01 am. It started a new cycle like it does every hour, every minute and every second. The dreadful 2018 turned to mysterious 2019. New moments to be added to the memories folder. New smiles to be passed on. New tears to be shed. From 1st January 2019, I will make my laugh lines permanent, I will not shed tears for someone or something twice, I will dream more dreams, I will do what I wish, I will make my existing bonds strong, I will break away from the negative, I will read more books, I will write my life, I will make others laugh, I will take in the criticism happily, I will learn my lessons, I will outgrow my fears, I will think positive, I will be healthy, I will live the present, I will meet the tomorrow, I will say goodbye to the past, I will be better than ever, I will be me. Happy New You!


The words were out, Spreading around; The laces were undone, Falling face-first down; Behind the stoic facade, Realizing the truth; They were the words, That were out. An impressionist, maybe. An opportunist, maybe. Everything was destroyed, Everything was over. The words were out, Spreading around.