Slowly sipping, The serum of life, In the seconds of his hand, Hours went by. Battery drained out, Pause. A moment. Miniscule. Changed, Replaced. Switched off and then on. Tick Tock - Tick Tock - Tick - Running in the speed of minutes, Somewhere we were left behind, Trying to catch on, Trying to grab, … Continue reading Time



Warmth - Heat, a source of heat; Opposite of cold, a cacoon, Forming its wings underneath. A birth, a revival of faith, One was killed, Was it the warmth? Dark and wet corners were cold, But dark and dry was? Black, the color of dark, Absorbing light, emitting warm, The color of death, black. In … Continue reading Warmth


Long way down memories, Some sugary treat, and Some sour patches. A cup of coffee in hand, To the black tea, "No Sugar" "Extra Sugar". Some bittersweet moments, To the long lasting faded voice, In the back of my mind, Telling to let go, And hold on forever.

A Smile Away

Miles and Miles and Miles apart, But only a smile away, Your face is blurred, But your brown eyes, Unforgettable. Thousands of memories, Replaying day in and day out, Like a kaleidoscope in a cloud. Stupid fights and Silly sleepovers, Movie nights to long lost walks, Even when we are miles apart, I know, we … Continue reading A Smile Away

Drained Out.

Two long elongated cannines, Pierced through my skin, As all the blood was draining out, The emotions were all I was left with. But then I remembered, A tiny prick after prick, Homosapiens were filling the bucket, With my tears and my laughter, They stole all of me. All that was left was my soul. … Continue reading Drained Out.