Emotionally Unattached (Letter 38)

Dear Meditation, Why is my soul afraid of the outer world? Why does my soul scorn at these people? Why is my soul angry on the world? Why does my soul speak only through feelings? Why is my soul crying for the world? Why does my soul hide beneath layers and layers of body flesh? … Continue reading Emotionally Unattached (Letter 38)


Emotionally Unattached (Letter 36)

Dear Devotion, Somewhere, the love got lost, loyalty was cheated on, and faith? Broken and Beaten. It was the stage of admiration, which ended in annihilation. The care was thrown out the window, like a useless chair, with no arms of kindness to rest on, to get the support from.

Emotionally Unattached (Letter 31)

Dear Grief, Blue is the color of the sky and the water, and Blue is the color of the waves; Calm and composed, dying inside, day by day; the dejection is the color blue. In despair and Agony, the soul searches the sanity, but in the grief of blue, it is stuck in the misery.