Lost Dream

( Image Source: https://bucikah.deviantart.com/art/Lost-dreams-in-a-lost-season-276261307) The crisscross of white thread, In a circle, it went round 'n' round. The pearls shining in the light, Feathers twirled with the woosh. Hanging on the wall, Hidden from the bad eye, The dream-catcher lost. As another of the glass broke, With the menagerie of dreams, Behind the self, They … Continue reading Lost Dream



(Image Source: Fine Art America) The golden ring around the blue calm ocean of love sparkled as the waves crashed into each other with the thunderstorm of the argument happening. His eyes stared right into her soul. The greenish aura of the eyes reflecting the purity of the innocence as the argument was lost to … Continue reading Blue-Green

I Blame

Pointed nails on the finger tips, Pointing all around, 360 degree, You! You! You! And You! Tick tock, Tick tock The hands on the clock ticked. Let's play - I Blame; The game. You and not me. Not you, but You. YOU! This and That; Here this and there that. Everyone plays, The Blame Game. … Continue reading I Blame