Ups and Downs

Life is a rollercoaster ride, there are ups and there are downs. In every persons life, not only physically, career wise or monetary, but mentally also, there are down moments. Sometimes, all we want is to stay in a corner inside the bubble with our thoughts and stay wrapped up in a cacoon of depressing … Continue reading Ups and Downs


Lesson Learned.

A smile and a tear away, A handshake and a backstab away, A love and a hate away, A lesson lay. Through good and bad, Through happy and sad, Through life and death, Through the lessons learned. They came and they went, Only a few who meant, Who stayed and cheered, Held my hand and … Continue reading Lesson Learned.


(Image Source: Fine Art America) The golden ring around the blue calm ocean of love sparkled as the waves crashed into each other with the thunderstorm of the argument happening. His eyes stared right into her soul. The greenish aura of the eyes reflecting the purity of the innocence as the argument was lost to … Continue reading Blue-Green